Dancing in the Shadows

Individual and Group Processes
for Women Survivors of Incest and Sexual Abuse

copyright 1992 Laura S. Bryannan, M.A.

This is an unpublished work I've put up on the Web in hopes that folks may benefit from it. Any or all of the content may be freely distributed and used without permission so long as I am given due credit as the author. If you would like a text file of this book, write me and I'll be glad to send it. .


1. Survivor "Checklist"
2. Why Group Work?
3. Forming A Group
4. Group Leadership
5. Ground Rules
6. Breaking the Ice

7. Creating Sacred Space
8. Allies
9. Story Work
10. Mask Making
11. Myth Work

12. Cleansing
13. Body Love
14. The Woman's Inner Masculine
15. The Inner Feminine
16. Family Work
17. Grief and Anger
18. Identifying the Good
19. Healing Techniques

20. Handling "Body Flashbacks"
21. Woman Ritual
22. In Conclusion

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