Some Extra Odds and Ends

I've written some other stories that don't fit into my official canon, and a few pieces not in the Champloo universe.  
Here they are, for anyone who is interested.

Non-canon Champloo stories:

Playing Rough. Written as a gift, the request was for some bondage porn with toys included. Jin takes Mugen in hand. Jin/Mugen.

Payback. Written by request in response to Playing Rough. Jin gets his comeupance. The request was for tickling with feathers. Mugen/Jin.

Battle Sakura. Written by request, the prompt being "cherries." A little bit of crack. PG-13. Jin/Mugen...Fuu?

Healing. Fuu teaches Sara something that could alter their fates. Yuri. Yes, I said yuri. Fuu/Sara.

Joy Buzzer. Fuu shares about Mugen's...erm...skills. Set post-Homecoming IV. Pure unadulterated smut, 'taint nuthin' more to be said. Mugen/Fuu.

Three is Company. Fuu desires a certain kind of adventure, and Jin shares how he and Mugen grant her wish. Set post-Homecoming IV. Threesome. DP. Jin/Fuu/Mugen.

Hey, there must be an easier way to make breakfast. Written as a gift, a drab based on the art by the same name. Jin/Mugen.

Wanderings Redux. Written as a gift, a drab answering the question, What if Jin returned to meet Mugen instead of going to Nagasaki alone? Probably OCC, pure unmitigated fluff and mush. Jin/Mugen shounen-ai.

Melting. Set into the Homecoming arc and written as a gift, a drab about Mugen seeing snow for the first time. Sorry 'bout the cliffie.

Slave Girl. Inspired by a friend with oral interests, Fuu shares about one of her favorite games. Mostly Mugen/Fuu but OT3 too.

The Lightest Touch. This is a gift based upon an inspiring sketch by the same name. Pure Jin/Mugen mush set sometime post-Homecoming. Jin/Mugen.

The Watchers. Written for the fandom's Blanketfic Challenge, I fulfulled a request for a little Jouji/Inuyaka action. Yes, you heard it right. Set sometime during the Wanderings arc. Inuyaka/Jouji.

The Study of Three. Written in response to the question, Is it possible for three people to kiss at once? Just a little OT3 PWP. Mugen/Jin/Fuu.

Mugen and Fuu in Neverland. This is a silly ploo!pastiche I hope you'll find amusing, borrowing freely from the original Barrie material, the musical and the Disney movie.

Non-Champloo stories:

Ban's Nap. GETBACKERS. A little Ban/Ginji PWP.

Target Practice. BLEACH. Ishida/Ichigo PWP, set shortly after they meet.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall. LOTR. Aragorn/Legolas PWP, written by request with the prompt "mirror."

Fetish. SAIYUKI. Gojyo knows what Hakkai likes. Just a little bit of crack, although it might be ear-otic, I suppose.

Of Green Things. SAIYUKI. Sanzo faces some human realities. Gojyo/Sanzo.

Man and Muse. KYOU KARA MAOU. A little Gwendal/Gunter fluff.

The Turning. KOISURU BOKUN, The Tyrant Who Falls in Love. Morinaga gets a surprise. Souichi/Morinaga. Yes, that's what I said, Souichi/Morinaga.

Knockin' on Heaven's Door. ORIGINAL. Emo techie meets MD, but not all is as it seems. Slash, adult m/m content. Work in progress, link is to Fictionpress.

There you go! Hope y'all enjoy.

Last Updated: 12aug09