Business as Usual by Laura Bryannan

A series of linked drabbles putting Jin and Mugen into a modern AU. Just being playful with expectations. Please read from the beginning!

Business as Usual 1. Financial Shark vs. Messenger Boy, round one. Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 2. Enter an old friend and Mugen pounces. Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 3. Jin and Mugen's inevitable smexy battle and the aftermath. Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 4. Enter the exes, a fateful encounter and teh ebil smex cliffie. Jin/Yuki, Mugen/Kohza, Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 5. The resolution of teh ebil cliffie and Yuki ponders revenge. Jin/Mugen, Mugen/Yuki.

Business as Usual 6. Jin's reaction to Mugen and Yuki's afternoon adventure and Mugen finally gets some of his own back. Jin/Mugen, Mugen/Jin.

Business as Usual 7. Mugen learns something funny and Jin and Yuki plan for...dinner. Another ebil smex cliffie. Sorry! Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 8. The infamous 3way! Jin, Mugen and Yuki finally get together and Jin and Mugen learn something new about each other. Jin/Mugen/Yuki.

Business as Usual 9. The Master of Seduction's grand scheme and its aftermath. Mugen/Jin.

Business as Usual 10. Trouble is brewing for Mugen and Jin comes to the rescue. Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 11. Mugen makes an interesting choice and he and Yuki plan for an adventure. Sorry 'bout the cliffie. Mugen/Yuki, Mugen/Jin/Yuki.

Business as Usual 12. Our hero's initiation into the Mile High Club, Yuki shares some secrets and Jin deals with his uncle in creative ways. Mugen/Yuki/Jin, Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 13. Yuki has fun, overhears something hot and Mugen reluctantly shares some secrets. Jin/Mugen/Yuki, Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 14. More trouble on the horizon for Jin's lovers and we learn something new about Mugen. Jin/Mugen, Mugen/Yuki.

Business as Usual 15. Mugen finally shares his story and the aftermath. Jin/Mugen, Mugen/Yuki.

Business as Usual 16. The fallout continues, enter Fuu and Jin copes. Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 17. Jin and Mugen collide again...finally! Jin/Mugen, Mugen/Jin.

Business as Usual 18. The blissful reunion tilts a bit and we learn a few more secrets. Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 19. Mugen makes a discovery and we finally meet The Daddies. Jin/Mugen. Mugen/Yuki.

Business as Usual 20. The aftermath at Takeda Delivery, Mugen gets his way and a surprise decision. Jin/Mugen. Mugen/Jin.

Business as Usual 21. Mugen faces the inevitable during the trip to NYC, the Nakasone Gang has their revenge and Mugen comes to the rescue. BE FOREWARNED! This chapter contains violence and angst. Mugen/Yuki, Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 22. Mugen fesses up, Jin makes a demand and so does Mugen. WARNING: bloodplay. Mugen/Jin.

Business as Usual 23. Mugen wants some new art, Yuki causes trouble and enter the good girls. Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 24. The infamous fourway, Mugen's in a stew and Jin makes a decision. Mugen/Jin, Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual 25. Wrapping things up, setting the stage, goodnight sweetheart. Jin/Mugen.

Business as Usual Epilogue. All my hinting was misleading. Here's the true end of the tale. Set twenty years after the end of BaU. Jin/Mugen.

And a little more fun....

Business as Usual Sidetrack One. An exclusive for the Samchanthology project, Battle Cry, a scene that will never appear in my BaU plotline. Jin and Fuu's conversation regarding her virginity and the loss of it.

Business as Usual Sidetrack One, part Two. Set a year before BaU begins, Jin and Fuu's first time. Jin/Fuu.

Business as Usual Sidetrack Two. Written for a muchly deserving pal, set in some undetermined BaU future, Jin takes Mugen on a journey. Essentially some rather kinky Jin/Mugen PWP.

Business as Usual Sidetrack Three. Written by request using the prompt, Champloo and Wii. This is set in some undetermined BaU future, and I mean every word in terms of the hints, for thems that care.

Business as Usual Sidetrack Four. Written as a gift requesting Jin and Yuki's first time together, here it is in BaU!verse, Jin an innocent fifteen, Yuki an enterprising fourteen. Jin/Yuki.

Business as Usual Sidetrack Five. Inspired by the prompt, sharing a joint, listening to music on headphones, here is the first, and possibly only, BaU in first person. Set in an undetermined BaU future. Mugen/Jin.

Business as Usual Sidetrack Six. Inspired by the prompt, Mugen, any of the Niwas, and paint, just a little bit of naughtiness.

Business as Usual Sidetrack Seven. Inspired by the prompt, Mugen & Jin fluff, one of them unable to see, a companion first person piece to Sidetrack Five, set in the ol' undetermined BaU future. Kinda naughty but mostly silly. Mugen/Jin.

Business as Usual Sidetrack Eight. This was inspired by the prompt, Jin making love with a cold. It's set in an undetermined BaU future and is more fluffy than naughty. Mugen/Jin.

Business as Usual Sidetrack Nine. Jin and Yuki share a fateful conversation three years before BaU begins. Fluff with a drop of angst.

Business as Usual Sidetrack Ten. Inspired by the prompt, Jin's long, swinging, *gorgeous* hair, here is a teeny bit of fluff.

Business as Usual Sidetrack Ten Sidetrack. Wherein Mugen is naughty. This is my pal, 3_jane's, wonderful contribution to BaU!verse.

Peek here and here for some great BaU art by BigBigTruck. And here is another wonderful BigBigTruck piece of the BaU gang playing strip poker! Hee!


Preview art from "Velu re" by Tsubaci-sou and Yenki Biral.

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